Our primary objective is to assist our clients in achieving building certifications according to relevant standards, such as LEED and IFC Edge. We aim to streamline and expedite the building certification process, facilitating a seamless journey for our clients. Opportunity, We recognize a significant opportunity in aiding real estate funds to navigate the complexities of building certification efficiently and effectively. By providing our expertise, we empower real estate funds to undergo the certification process with optimal resource utilization and productivity.


We recognize a significant opportunity in aiding real estate funds to navigate the complexities of building certification efficiently and effectively. By providing our expertise, we empower real estate funds to undergo the certification process with optimal resource utilization and productivity.

LEED Certifications: We specialize in various types of LEED certifications, each tailored to meet specific sustainability and environmental criteria. These certifications not only enhance a building’s environmental performance but also increase its appeal to a broader range of tenants.

LEED for Building Design and Construction (BD+C): New construction and major renovations, emphasizing site selection, energy efficiency, water conservation, materials, and indoor quality.

Certification Levels: Projects are rated based on points in categories. Certification levels are:

  • Certified: 40-49 points
  • Silver: 50-59 points
  • Gold: 60-79 points
  • Platinum: 80+ points

These certifications promote sustainability through energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, and more. At Building Certification Services, we guide clients toward the right LEED path, fostering eco-responsibility while attracting tenants and optimizing operations.

IFC Edge Certification: As a relatively recent certification, IFC Edge holds immense potential. We offer our guidance and support to help our clients achieve this certification, which encompasses a holistic approach to sustainable building practices.

IFC Edge (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) building certifications offer a cutting-edge approach to sustainable construction, providing a transformative framework that goes beyond conventional building practices. These certifications recognize and promote resource-efficient design and construction, emphasizing a holistic integration of environmental, social, and financial considerations. IFC Edge certifications, a relatively recent addition to the sustainable building landscape, serve as a beacon for forward-thinking projects that prioritize innovation, efficiency, and a reduced environmental footprint.

At Building Certification Services, we navigate the complexities of IFC Edge certifications with finesse, guiding our clients through the intricate process of achieving this esteemed recognition. Our tailored consulting services address every phase of a building’s lifecycle, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. By aligning projects with IFC Edge criteria, we help our clients enhance energy performance, optimize water usage, and foster a healthier indoor environment. IFC Edge certifications not only validate a commitment to sustainability but also position buildings at the forefront of sustainable development, appealing to conscientious tenants and stakeholders who seek progressive, environmentally-responsible solutions. With our expertise, clients can leverage IFC Edge certifications as a catalyst for positive change, establishing their properties as beacons of sustainability and efficiency in a rapidly evolving real estate landscape.


Solution: Our solution involves comprehensive consulting services aimed at assisting institutional building owners in certifying their portfolios to their desired standards. By leveraging our expertise, institutional owners can navigate the certification process seamlessly, ensuring their buildings meet the required criteria.


Enhanced Tenant Attraction: Certified buildings have a distinct advantage in attracting tenants, especially multinational corporations that often seek spaces with recognized certifications like LEED or IFC Edge.

Investor Accessibility: For investors who prioritize ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores, our services enable real estate platforms to align with these criteria, thereby expanding investor opportunities.

In a landscape increasingly focused on sustainability and responsible business practices, our consulting services empower clients to position their buildings for success, both environmentally and commercially. Building Certification Services is your partner in achieving sustainable building excellence.


The deliverable of our specialized building certification consulting service is a meticulously crafted roadmap that guides and facilitates the process of certifying buildings under the esteemed standards of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and IFC Edge (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies). Our comprehensive guidance ensures that clients navigate the intricate landscape of sustainable construction seamlessly, unlocking the potential for their buildings to attain these prestigious certifications.

Our consulting service provides clients with a structured framework that encompasses every stage of the certification journey:

Assessment and Preparation: We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of the client’s building and sustainability goals. This phase involves evaluating various aspects, including site selection, design, materials, energy systems, water usage, and indoor environmental quality. Based on this assessment, we develop a tailored strategy that outlines the specific steps required to meet the criteria of LEED and IFC Edge certifications.

Guidance and Documentation: Our consultants provide expert guidance throughout the design and construction phases, ensuring that sustainable practices are seamlessly integrated into the project. We assist in documenting each element to satisfy the certification requirements, meticulously compiling evidence of compliance and best practices.

Collaboration and Coordination: Building certification often involves coordination with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders. Our consulting team acts as a liaison, fostering effective collaboration and ensuring that all parties are aligned with the sustainability goals and certification criteria.

Submission and Review: We manage the submission of all required documentation to the respective certification bodies. Our team coordinates the review process, addressing any feedback and ensuring that the project aligns with the stringent standards set by LEED and IFC Edge.

Certification Achievement: The ultimate deliverable is the successful certification of the building under the chosen standard. Clients receive official certification recognition, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices and their contribution to a greener and more efficient built environment.

Through our building certification consulting service, clients receive not only a tangible certification but also a transformative journey that empowers them to embrace sustainability, enhance energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and position their buildings as beacons of responsible design and construction within their industry.