Industrial Market Study (General) – industrial market studies are reports that allow for the understanding of market dynamics of a particular project or submarket. Industrial market studies in Latin America are typically undertaken for a project for the purposes of planning, execution, or in order to determine how the property will perform (strategic decision making). Typical metrics that are studied in an industrial market study include: rental rates, rental rate growth, absorption, vacancy, lot absorption, physical characteristics, operating costs, design, among others.

LOGAN has deep knowledge of the market fundamentals of industrial real estate in Latin America and has performed industrial market studies for the most important real estate funds (Fibras) and developers in Latin America, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica.


The analysis of supply and demand of industrial properties based on the following:

– Subtype: Warehouse within an industrial park, stand-alone, truck parks, cross-dock.

– Uses: Manufacturing, logistics, data centers, flex-space, showrooms, cold storage

– Classes: A, B, C

– Property Ownership Type: Single-Owner, Multi-Owner, Owner-User

– Construction Types: Build-to-Suit, Speculative

– Macro Location: Urban, Suburban

– Technical Specifications: Ceiling Height, floor resistance, storage capacity

– Demand Drivers: E-commerce, logistics companies (3PLs)

– Client Types: Last Mile, Owner-User, 3PL


– Analysis of the subject in terms of: Location, physical characteristics.

– Market demarcation.

– Analysis of existing and future supply.

– Analysis of demand (absorption, vacancy, rents, employment, spacer per employee).

– Balance of supply and demand.

– Capture rate (benchmarking).


– Interviews with the owners, and parties involved with the property

– Inspection of the property

– Identification of sources of information – primary and secondary

– Collection, and processing of data and trends

– Interviews of market participants

– Presentation of results and resolution of client doubts, feedback


Depending on the specific needs of the client, below are the types of studies that can be delivered for the client:

– Demand analysis (MAP Report)

– Rent Analysis

– Highest and Best Use Analysis



– Colombia

– Peru

– Mexico

– Centroamerica – Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador