The resort residential division of LOGAN focuses on foreign clients and works often on appraisals for purchases, tax reporting, divorces, and sometimes with the developers of projects. This division operates within each country office of LOGAN but has different characteristics than the institutional business of LOGAN:


  • Services – Appraisals of custom homes, home lots, condominiums, villas, and other residential properties that exist in touristic zones. Sometimes PCAs or property condition assessments, or customized market studies are offered, depending on the needs of the client.
  • Clients – Often foreigners who are purchasing residential properties in touristic areas. The clients usually speak English and require a more responsive level of customer service.
  • Coverage – Touristic areas. These are often coastal cities that attract foreign second home buyers and vacation home buyers.
  • Team – The team that works in this division is specialized in writing residential reports and is comfortable speaking with clients in English. They also have specialized market knowledge of the resort areas of the respective country.
Central America
Caribbean Division Resort