Real estate consulting in Colombia for portfolios generally consists of the following products: property condition assessments, appraisal, or asset valuations, rent analysis, and marketability studies.

The most ordered products in Colombia for portfolio use are the property condition assessment, the appraisal and the marketability analysis. The real estate consulting division of LOGAN Colombia more than 10 years of experience in real estate market analysis covering the main real estate commercial sectors, as well as land, and residential.  Clients include the top developers, real estate fund managers, and builders in the region.

Products – Portfolio Timeline

Real estate fund managers, who are the typical client of LOGAN Colombia, often need direction in not only what type of studies are required, but also when they should be undertaken during the portfolio stage or timeline.  Below is a graphic that lays out the different products offered in Colombia and when they should be ordered during a portfolio scenario:

Consulting and Market Studies – Portfolio, Colombia

Risk Assessment– this is a comprehensive product that is designed after RICS guidelines for risk management in a real estate fund.It is focused on the general risks faced by a real estate fund such as concentration risk, tenant risk, and others.  It also focuses on the asset level risks of a real estate fund or portfolio.  The purpose of the report is to help provide transparency to investors about the real estate fund and give the fund manager an unbiased opinion on how to improve the fund.

Portfolio Rent Analysis – a report that does a detailed evaluation of the rents that are generated by a real estate fund or property portfolio in order to determine if they are above, below, and if there is potential for renegotiation. Often real estate funds have a very general understanding of the market, but do not spend the time or resources to study their portfolio specifically.  This report can be ordered on an annual basis.

Asset Valuation Updates, Asset Valuations – real estate valuation in Latin America typically is undertaken for the purpose of financial reporting.Increasingly auditors are asking for not only annual valuations, but also periodic updates of values.  This allows for a more up to date understanding of the value of a portfolio of assets, and gives the investor increased transparency.

Fund Valuation – LOGAN Colombia has been involved in the valuation of real estate portfolios for the purpose of a merger or acquisition.This report is a comprehensive and methodical study that provides a market value for a group of assets.  It is often undertaken when a real estate fund is looking to merge with another one or wants to sell a package of assets to a buyer.


  • Logistics
  • Office
  • Land
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts
  • Mixed use projects


We cover some of the main markets in Colombia:

  • Bogota
  • Medellín
  • Cali
  • Cartagena – Barranquilla


The main certifications of the team members in the consulting division include:

  • MRICS, Research
  • ATSM (Standard for Property Condition Assessments)
  • IPMS (Standard for measurement in real estate)