Real estate consulting in Colombia during acquisition generally consists of the following products: Property condition assessments, appraisals, rent analysis, and marketability studies.

The most ordered products in Colombia are office market studies, industrial market studies, and the property condition assessment.  The real estate consulting division of LOGAN more than 10 years of experience in real estate market analysis covering the main real estate commercial sectors, as well as land and residential.  Clients include the top developers, real estate fund managers, and builders in the region.

Products – Acquisition Timeline

Clients, such as a real estate fund manager or developer, often need direction in not only what type of studies are required, but also when they should be undertaken.  Below is a graphic that lays out the different products offered in Colombia and when they should be ordered during acquisition of a new asset:

adquisición de un nuevo activo

Property Condition Assessment (PCA) – this is a standard report for real estate funds who are buying assets.It assesses the physical status of a real estate asset and includes a capex projection over time for each individual component.  It is used for negotiation, and also to refine the capex savings that will be required for an asset over time.

Appraisal – appraisals are written under IVS (International Valuation Standards) and also comply with local requirements such as the RAA designation (Designated Real Estate Appraiser Colombia).Appraisals are requested for financial reporting requirements, acquisitions, internal decision making, and for bank loans or debt.

Rent Analysis – When buying or building a project, developers often need to project rents with pinpoint accuracy.This product allows them to focus specifically on projected rents in a focused fashion.  Rents can vary based on project location, floor, asset quality and are affected by other factors as well.  This product is ordered during the acquisitions phase, while under due diligence.

Marketability Analysis (MAP Report) – This report is a deep-dive into the specifics of a property and the inputs required to model it properly.It should be ordered after acquisition and during the period of lease-up.  It projects the rents, rent increases, absorption, costs, cost increases, and is based on competitive analysis done by measuring the projects which compete directly with the subject.


  • Logistics
  • Office
  • Land
  • Multifamily
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts
  • Mixed use projects


We cover some of the main markets in Colombia:

  • Bogota
  • Medellín
  • Cali
  • Cartagena – Barranquilla


The main certifications of the team members in the consulting division include:

  • MRICS, Research
  • ATSM (Standard for Property Condition Assessments)
  • IPMS (Standard for measurement in real estate